One platform for all your tracking needs

Whether it is for your kid's safety tracking or shipment tracking or any adhoc tracking need, we have it all covered!
We engage technology to allow you to track anything easily on-the-go!

Track your kid on the go.

Be informed about the time and location of your kid boarding and unboarding the school bus

Inform school about pickup, drop and on leave.

Avoid multiple phone calls to the school management and the bus drivers to inform about the change in plans. Be it change in pick up and drop location or your child taking a leave, keep everybody informed with just a few clicks!

Get Live Status updates.

Stop waiting forever for the bus! Know precisely where is the school bus is, in real-time and plan accordingly!

See history.

Pick a date and you can replay the trip exactly as it happened. Bus timings, speeds, pickups and drops are all available.

Add multiple kids to track.

Got more kids to track? No problem, add and track them all from the same app!

Complain about something.

Got a complaint or feedback about the transportation, start the dialogue anytime from the comfort of your smartphone using the app

If you are an organization. Please contact us.

We provide the best-in-class bus tracking features for the safety of your students. The school management will also be provided an admin console for easy trip management and accessing trip data.

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Request for protection

Request for protection on-the-go anywhere and anytime!

Nearest Police station

Have details of the nearest police station at your fingertips.

Know the nearest police patrol

Be informed about the nearest police patrol and its expected time of arrival.

Emergency / SOS

Send SOS to the nearest police station, patrol and to your emergency contacts

Report an incident

Bring an incident to the notice of the nearest police station immediately

"Thanks to PaperTrails school bus tracking platform, we have visibility about the location of our buses. Also, our school parents have greatly appreciated our partnership with PaperTrails and acknowledged they're more relaxed about the safety of their children!"